Vietnam's shipbuilding industry is now

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Vietnam's shipbuilding industry is now

Although sea transport is a natural infrastructure-based industry, it needs a significant contribution from the shipbuilding industry. In order to have big and stable ships, they will go to sea with long journeys and big lots of goods. The following article will introduce the shipbuilding industry in Vietnam today.

1. Overview of Vietnam's shipbuilding industry

According to statistical reports, Vietnam now has about 120 factories to repair and repair ships with a tonnage of over 1,000 tons, with 170 lifting and lowering works. The total design capacity of factories is about 2.6 million tons / year, but the actual capacity is only 800,000-1 million tons / year.

Since 2002, Vietnam's shipbuilding industry has been heavily invested. However, it is only in the process of receiving transfer from major shipbuilding centers in Asia.

The overall picture of the shipbuilding industry is drawn as follows: Vinashin, which was established in 2006, is now the Shipbuilding Industry Corporation - SBIC is playing a key role. However, sadly, the breakdown of Vinashin has caused the shipbuilding industry and many other workers or shipyards to be canceled and fall into misery.

In addition, Vietnam's shipbuilding industry also has shipbuilding facilities owned by Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinaline), Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and a number of State corporations and corporations. other. Along with that are shipyards under the management of the Ministry of Defense, local businesses or FDI enterprises.
2. Many development opportunities for the shipbuilding industry in Vietnam.

Geographically, Vietnam has a lot of favorable conditions for the development of the shipbuilding industry when we have a long coastline and exclusive economic zone in the East Sea more than 1 million km2 wide.

Vietnam is one of the 10 countries with the highest index of coastline in the East, South and Southwest. With these characteristics, we have always been identified as the most favorable position in the region in developing shipbuilding industry.

Not only natural conditions but also Vietnamese policies support the development industry. By 2020. Vietnam has determined that the marine economy is a driving force to entice and promote other economic regions to develop. Thereby creating a fundamental and comprehensive transformation of the marine economic structure towards industrialization and modernization. An important step to implement the Marine Strategy by 2020 is to develop shipbuilding and shipbuilding industry. Not only that, currently, the demand for shipping by sea also increases, so the shipbuilding industry will have many opportunities for the market.

3. Specific tasks for the shipbuilding industry
    Forming 3 linkages of shipbuilding industry in the North, Central and South.
     To build three low-to-medium-class ship repair centers to ensure all requirements from the market.
    Improve the localization rate on the basis of securing the linkage between shipbuilding industry and domestic supporting industries as well as encouraging foreign investment.
    Develop institutions, specific legal documents system for shipbuilding industry.

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