Differentiate bulk cargo vessels by size

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Differentiate bulk cargo vessels by size

Vessels are classified through parameters such as: draft, width, length of the entire hull, tonnage ... The above parameters will be carefully considered to be included in the design tables with the structures suitable for each specific ship type. The following article will help you distinguish different types of bulk cargo ships by size?

Different vessel sizes tell the amount of cargo that the vessel can carry. Therefore, this size difference also leads to differences in harbor structure and jetty to be suitable for each specific type of ship.

Ship according to Chinamax standard

These Chinamax standard vessels are one of the largest bulk carriers in the world and are called VLOC (VLOC: Very Large Ore Carriers). Those ships that are Chinamax standard are only interested in their length.

These types of vessels are built to serve routes from the Chinese port to Brazil (South America). At present, the wharves of both regions have been developed in facilities to cater to the operations of these vessels. In addition, Chinamax is also applicable to Valemax standard vessels and Chinamax standard vessels with a payload of up to 400,000 tons and a calculated length of up to 360 meters, a width of about 65 meters, a draft of about 25 meters. .

Handymax standard bulk vessels

Handymax standard vessels are small size bulk carriers with payloads of up to 60,000 tons. This is the most common type of ship applied to fleets operating globally. These standard vessels have a typical length of 150-200 meters.

The ships follow Malaccamax standards

The Malaccamax standard ships are usually large sized vessels that can pass through the Malacca Strait. These ships are often called VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers). The ships of this classification are about 400 meters long with DWT up to 165,000 DWT, used to transport bulk or oil. The Malaccamax standard also applies to the new type of vessel, Maersk’s Triple E Class Container vessels.

Differentiate ships according to standards through payload:

Types of ships and loads of bulk carriers are calculated as follows:

Handy: 10,000 - 30,000 dwt

Handymax: 30,001 - 50,000 dwt

Panamax: 50,001 - 80,000 dwt

Capesize: 80,001 - 199,000 dwt

VLOC: 200,000 dwt or more

Above, we have helped readers to differentiate different types of bulk goods so that they can travel on different sea terrain. Through it, the ship's sailors can determine what is the terrain that their ship size should not enter.

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